Citizens' Alliance for Property Rights

The founders of the States and the Union understood that without an individual right to own and control property, no other rights can be protected from government tyranny. Homes, personal possessions, personal safety, unrestricted travel and free speech are all placed in jeopardy once government has established the power to control or confiscate private property through general edict.

Property rights are natural rights or human rights, and are the very foundation of a free society. These rights are further protected by the Fifth Amendment to the federal constitution, and in state constitutions, such as in Article 1 Section 16 the Washington State constitution. Secure property rights have been a major cornerstone of the American experiment that has resulted in the highest standard of living and the most personal freedom of any people in the history of the world.

Citizens' Alliance for Property Rights was organized in 2003 as a non-partisan political action committee where individual citizens and existing organizations can work together protecting property rights.

We envision a future where the regulatory cost of land ownership is minimized, and equitable and scientifically sound land use regulations do not force private landowners to pay disproportionately for public benefits enjoyed by all.

Our mission is to protect and restore property rights by identifying, training, and mobilizing members in effective action during the legislative and election seasons to ensure political accountability toward our pro-property agenda. We further this mission by:

  • Presenting a single coordinated voice dedicated to preserving and protecting individual property rights.
  • Promoting legislation to preserve and protect property rights while opposing excessively burdensome legislation and regulation.
  • Informing voters and pro-property activists about the performance of elected officials at all levels through our bill ratings system, candidate ratings system, campaign season mailers, awards for good and bad performance, awards for important coverage of property rights issues by the media, and more.

Advocate Program

When facing complicated and weighty land-use laws, a helping hand is needed to become oriented and form a plan.

When facing complicated and weighty land-use laws and unfriendly officials, a helping hand may be needed.

Legal Fund is what makes this very popular program possible. Our Advocate Program relies on volunteer help and does not take the place of legal advice.


CAPR is the membership umbrella organization over the Legal Fund and the Political Action Committee.

Membership is for everyone-from renters, to small residential homeowners to large ranches and other businesses. Everyone is affected by land use regulations. Monthly meetings and mailing lists are ways for members to stay in touch with what is happening on the property rights front and share information and strategies for political action.

Politicians only recognize political power. The political power of CAPR grows as our numbers grow. Please join or renew today, and invite your friends, neighbors, and colleagues!

CAPR Legal Fund

CAPR Legal Fund was organized as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit to which contributions are tax deductible.

The CAPR Legal Fund handles the legal defense of our property rights as well as the education of citizens, politicians, and bureaucrats on property rights issues. This includes compiling data and information into our bill ratings system and our candidate ratings system so that we can provide factual information to voters and facilitate their engagement on behalf of property rights during the legislative and election seasons.


CAPR Political Action Committee works to elect property rights minded individuals to state and local elected offices (including judicial offices).

Political action committees are a government-approved method with which people with common goals can pool their resources to maximize the return on their campaign dollars. There are no limits to what you can give, unlike contributions to specific candidates. The CAPR PAC was organized for the specific purpose of finding, endorsing and funding candidates who will vigorously promote and defend our constitutionally guaranteed right to own and control property.