Skagit County Chapter

Join us on Saturday, October 8th at 9 AM at the Farmhouse Restaurant for our monthly meeting.  Topics this month will include what to expect from the WA Supreme Court in light of their unfavorable ruling on the Hirst case, a recap of the CAPR regional conference and the radical environmentalists' attempt to pressure the stopage of the Shell oil unloading dock construction.  Everyone is welcome. 



Property rights are the basis for the freedoms we enjoy under natural law. Government actions in Skagit County often conflict with private property rights in the Washington State Constitution and United States Constitution. Therefore, the membership of the Skagit CAPR Chapter are resolved to: 1. Maintain awareness of state, county and municipal activities that impact on a citizen’s right to use and dispose of his or her property. 2. Raise awareness of and strongly oppose threats to private property use, especially from ill-conceived, top down planning schemes imposed by government bureaucrats. 3. Educate the public about the concerted attack on private property by agencies at all levels of government, as well as Environmental NGO’s. 4. Demand that any restrictions imposed on use of property be unequivocally supported by solid scientific evidence. 5. Coordinate with other CAPR chapters to further the cause of property rights throughout the state and region. 6. Encourage the election of candidates who are committed to defending property rights and maintaining the freedoms our federal and state constitutions guarantee us.