CAPR Banquet April 29, 2023

At the April 29 CAPR Annual Banquet Event the CAPR board and members enjoyed learning about beef produced by independent cattle producers with our Keynote Speaker Bill Bullard, R-CALF USA.  Bill discussed key issues in defending a healthy beef supply chain, the obstacles to the industry and those who want to support and enjoy the products of the industry.  We want to thank Bill for an eye-opening presentation!

Keynote Speaker Bill Bullard, R-CALF USA, an organization dedicated to fighting for the Independent US Cattle Producer.   R-CALF understands and fights for issues Cattle Producers face  in providing US  Cattle Products to Americans. Property Rights have a strong tie to the production of and producers of this excellent and much needed food source.  We learned how Cattle Producers support Americans, and why we should support them in their work to secure production of a great product we want to have available to all, R-CALF property rights.

One serious issue people may not be aware of when shopping for beef is the understanding of product labeling.  People sometimes assume when they see a USDA label affixed to product that the product is from the USA.  This is not true the label only demonstrates the product was inspected by the USDA.  It could originate in any country.  That is why R-CALF and many consumers of beef wanting to purchase beef born, raised and produced in the USA are pushing for more accurate labeling called MCOOL for Mandatory County of Origin Labeling.  Learn about it and how you can support it!

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Bill Bullard, CEO, R-CALF USA



Bill Bullard is the CEO of R-CALF, Bill Bullard joined R-CALF USA as the organization’s first Chief Executive Officer at national headquarters in Billings, Mont., on April 9, 2001.

Bullard has testified on behalf of R-CALF USA members before Congress and executive branch agencies, has managed numerous lawsuits on behalf of the organization, and is the organization’s registered lobbyist.

Bullard, formerly a cow/calf rancher in Perkins County, S.D., served as the Executive Director of the South Dakota Public Utilities Commission from 1995-2001. He has a B.S. in Political Science from Black Hills State University and completed a year of graduate studies at the University of South Dakota.

Bullard and his wife Jeanne have three children: Cameron, Candace, and Callie.

This year CAPR will focus on the important and timely discussion regarding the role of property rights in supporting and defending the production of healthy foods, and preserving the security of local and national food production and supply chain.  We are working on gathering a panel of local producers of farm goods for feature webinars post event to dive into the issues impacting Local Food Supply and Suppliers in Washington State!  If you have a farm or business that is related to a sustainable local food supply please contact CAPR, we are interested in sharing your story!





March 11, 2023