CAPR Lobbies for Property Rights!

Your property rights lobbyist will be in Olympia relentlessly emphasizing the importance of property rights and the need to respect this important aspect of citizens' rights.  All legislation should take this into consideration prior to adoption.  CAPR members and supporters and those like-minded individuals and organizations we work with find these words of the constitution to be literal, and that they should not be considered simply inconvenient to those who intend to make law.  We remind all in Olympia that it is important they have knowledge of and apply the words in our constitution as they do their work:

SECTION 1 POLITICAL POWER. All political power is inherent in the people, and governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, and are established to protect and maintain individual rights.

SECTION 3 PERSONAL RIGHTS. No person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.

SECTION 29 CONSTITUTION MANDATORY. The provisions of this Constitution are mandatory, unless by express words they are declared to be otherwise.

SECTION 32 FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES. A frequent recurrence to fundamental principles is essential to the security of individual right and the perpetuity of free government.

There is no question this frequent reference to fundamental principles is needed.  CAPR will serve as a constant reminder of this truth.

2019 will be a challenging year in Olympia, there is much at risk.  GMA continues to impact property rights, and the Supreme Court decision commonly known as Hirst has thrown municipalities and citizens' water rights into chaos; this will need thoughtful repair in the legislature, and CAPR will push for legislative oversight of Ecology in its implementation of the overly complicated "Hirst Solution" SSB 6091 .

A good deal of the impairment of rights, and especially property rights, is due to the way administrative law has gone unchecked over the years.  CAPR is seeking to reclaim constitutionally protected rights by asking the legislature to reform administrative law so it will comport with the constitution.

Administrative law as used by agencies and municipalities has strayed from legislative intent, and this has caused an over-reach and a carelessness in rule-making as applied to On Site Septic (OSS) Management and Marijuana Production Facilities.  CAPR will ask the legislature to revisit these issues to protect property rights.

Eminent Domain Reform will be reviewed and CAPR will ask all legislators to take into consideration the advantages to all citizens in this reform.  This should be passed this year!  As we encounter more tales of tyranny with the abuse of eminent domain it is clear this must happen now!

The Growth Management Act must be reformed and the goals of protecting property rights must be given constitutional consideration in this reform.

As your lobbyist, I will be present in Olympia to remind all; these principle considerations of constitutionally protected property rights must be a part of lawmaking.  Where agencies and municpalities have strayed, corrections must be made by legislators.  I will keep all I work with informed of roadblocks and progress through blogs, newsletters.  Please use the CAPR legislative rating page as another way of keeping up to date in a sometimes fast paced set of circumstances presented when working in Olympia.  As we work our way through the session together, your voice will be the most important aspect of having the attention of legislators.  Please visit, call, and email your legislators as we work to pass bills that are protective of our rights, and stop the bills harmful to our rights.  Your voices are being heard, and I am in place to remind legislators that you will continue to be heard and you are watching closely the happenings in session.  Together we will continue to cause property rights to once more be of utmost importance for legislative action in Olympia!




December 23, 2016