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Monroe County, Florida Loses in Land Takings Case

County to Appeal Loss in Land-Takings Case By KEVIN WADLOW Property owners who want to develop 10 acres on No Name Key as the Galleon Bay subdivision won a victory in state appeals court Wednesday -- but the decades-old legal battle likely has not heard its last round fired. Even the written opinion from the Third District Court of Appeal starts with a nautically themed history: "When the apt-named Galleon [Bay Corp.] first set out to develop its property, it could not have possibly imagined the tumultuous seas it would encounter in the decades that followed." If more

Picky Historic Conservation Board Interferes with Family's Plans

Property rights battle in Dallas


DALLAS - Brittany Bailey and her husband are building a new home in Belmont, the bastion of historic preservation in east Dallas. "We designed a beautiful prairie style home," said Bailey. However, there are no plans yet for a house warming. Instead the couple is more....

Federal Government Loses Big in Supreme Court Property Rights Case

This will lead you to an uplifting article on Citizen Review Online. Written by Damon W. Root for Reason Magazine The federal government suffered a major defeat today at the U.S. Supreme Court in the case of Arkansas Game & Fish Commission v. United States. In their unanimous decision, the justices rejected the government’s sweeping claim that a series of recurring floods induced by the U.S.

Vilsack Says Rural America is Less and Less Relevant

by truthfarmer in Uncategorized The USDA has been working concertedly since the 1930?s to decrease the number of citizen’s in the US who are actually engaged in farming. The focus, especially since the 1950?s has been to tell farmers to “get big or get out”. Now Vilsack has the audacity to state “It’s time to have a grown up conversation with rural America”. I guess this is the tenor we can expect as we move “Forward”. My comment to all of non-rural America is, “Let Them Eat Grass”.read


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