Citizens' Alliance for Property Rights Banquet Thank you!


CAPR especially thanks all members and friends who attended our event making it a fun and uplifting experience!  Your dedication to liberty and property rights along with your generous support for CAPR's mission of respecting and restoring property rights has made our past and will make our future work possible and impactful!  Thank you!

 “Restoring Common Sense in Washington” Initiatives, Taxation, Education.

 Thank you Keynote Speaker Jim Walsh!

CAPR thanks Representative Jim Walsh for his Keynote presentation to our members and friends in attendance for the CAPR annual banquet!  Jim's dedication to all our liberties in Washington state is well appreciated!  He provided an in depth look at restoring liberties and the rule of law in Washington state describing the essence of the 6 successful qualifying initiatives, the three that passed the legislature, and the three that will appear at the top of our ballots in November!  His insight into the workings of the legislature, law in our state, and our constitutionally protected rights has been a highlight of his tenure in the legislature, and we have often admired his capacity to provide that insight to his fellow legislators.  

Jim's thoughtful keynote was dynamic, encouraging, inspiring and entertaining.  His capacity to provide facts with humor was most enjoyable as evidenced by the smiles on the faces of all.  A past CAPR Legislator of the Year recipient, well worthy of the honor every year.  We thank you Jim for your dedication to the people of Washington!  The encouragement you provided our attendees was taken to heart and truly thought provoking!  

Thank you to our Master of Ceremonies, Glen Morgan Volunteer CAPR Executive Director and the man behind We the Governed 

Glen kindly provided CAPR with the duties of Master of Ceremonies with humor, insight, and a rapport that is unique, well admired, and loved by all who recognize his activism and expertise in digging into government.  His careful steering of the banquet made it a fun and comprehensive evening.  Thank you Glen!

Citizens' Alliance for Property Rights honored CAPR Legislators of the year Representative Jenny Graham and Senator Keith Wagoner for their dedication to not only their constituents, but to the people of the state with their insight into the lives and rights of those they represent and the constitutionally protected rights of all citizens of the state at the heart of their work in the legislature. 

Their willingness to look deeply into obstacles to liberties and to problem solve the short comings of some governmental solutions has shone the light of day on governance.  These two legislators have continuously provided legislative bills of common sense with a clarity that would serve the citizens of Washington well. 

We appreciate their attention to the issues of the state and their willingness to closely guard and work toward safeguarding life, liberty, and property!  Thank you Representative Graham, and Senator Wagoner!


The Rodney and Laurel McFarland Award was presented this year to the dedicated organization Washington Sensible Shorelines Association, an organization with a mission near and dear to CAPR's own mission of focus on a fair, balanced, scientifically sound, and well managed regulatory means.  Read more about this great organization here!  Thank you WSSA for your dedicated work!




February 19, 2024