Dan Dagget to Speak at Black Diamond Event October 7

Black Diamond Event Featured Speaker

Dan Dagget

Please join CAPR as Dan Dagget describes a conservative alternative to liberal environmentalism. A reformed radical environmentalist lauded by the Sierra Club, Dan was open to the realities he observed in nature and discovered a different approach to caring for the environment was needed. “In thirty years of activism, the most impressive environmental successes I have encountered have been achieved by private individuals operating according to the principles of conservatism. In each of those cases individual initiative, personal accountability, the free market, and rewards for results were more effective at saving endangered species, healing ecosystems, and restoring natural function than the tools of contemporary liberal environmentalism — regulation and protection.”

Ranchers, Farmers, and Dairymen will be interested to hear Dan discuss how their productive techniques are an enhancement to the environment worthy of understanding and replicating.

Dan Daggetʼs newest book — Gardeners of Eden, Rediscovering Our Importance to Nature has been called “the most important environmental manifesto since Aldo Leopoldʼs Land Ethic,”

His first book, Beyond the Rangeland Conflict, Toward a West That Works was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize and has been called one of the classics dealing with environmental issues of the American West.

We need a new environmentalism.


September 3, 2018