Learn About Lets Go Washington Initiatives to Reverse Legislative Harm to Families

Updated December 27, 2023

By Cindy Alia

Learn about the successful Lets Go Washington Initiatives to Reverse Legislative Harm to Families, Safety, Cost of Living, and Parental Rights!

CAPR members are grateful to and appreciative of Lets Go Washington and Restore Washington, and all those who worked hard and backed this effort to provide the successes in gathering far more signatures than needed to get these initiatives to the legislature or ultimately the voters!  By all accounts or measures this was the most successful initiative campaign in state history with an impressive current count of 2,635,700 signatures gathered!

Scroll to the middle of this page to view three videos produced by Glen Morgan, of We the Governed as he discusses with Brian Heywood all the Initiatives, the signature gathering process, and the reasoning behind the initiative package.

Thank you CAPR Members!


June 21, 2023