Legislative Update Bill Status 3/22/21

By Cindy Alia 3/22/21

Three bills you must insist are rejected today!

Have you been negatively impacted personally and economically by the one year “15 days to slow the curve” one-sided emergency shutdown on your life and liberty? 

Do you believe now is the time to increase your taxes, pay for teacher housing, and punish you for caring for your property while others have abused their own environment?

If passed, these bills will result in permanent additional hardship to property owners!

HB 1362 These representatives want to increase your property taxes (again) by lifting the limit on property taxation with HB 1362 Modifying the annual regular property tax revenue growth limit.  Sponsors: DuerrPolletRamosFeyFitzgibbonCallanRyuSennBatemanGoodmanMacriRamelHarris-TalleyCall and email your legislator!  If passed, where will a portion of the "revenue" be spent?  See SB 5043 below, while you have suffered hardship to hang on financially your increased property taxes will pay for housing for those who have continued to enjoy uninterrupted finances.  Read the bill here

SB 5043 passed the Senate by only one vote.  It is now scheduled for executive session in the house on March 25.  Call and email your legislator if you believe this is the wrong time to ask you to pay for the housing of school district employees and teachers.  SB 5043 Providing housing to school district employees.  This is the list of sponsors in the senate. SalomonRolfesConwayDasHasegawaHuntKudererLovelettSaldañaWellmanWilson, C. Is what they are asking truly representative of their constituents, or are they imagining you can afford this?  Call and email your House Representative on this bill today!  Read the Senate bill report here.

SB 5141 Implementing the recommendations of the environmental justice task force.  Sponsors SaldañaLovelettCarlyleDasFrocktHasegawaHuntKeiserKudererLiiasNoblesPedersenRolfesStanfordWilson, C. This bill would punish you for living in and caring for your environment.  This bill would give the Department of Health (yes, those people making decisions presently on your life and liberty under the present emergency) the authority to:

Establish an environmental justice council with specified membership, staffed by the Department of Health, and which is assigned specified advisory and oversight responsibilities for covered agencies' implementation of environmental justice activities, and to continue to develop and maintain an environmental health disparities map.

These agencies will view all actions through an environmental justice lens:

Requires the Puget Sound Partnership and the departments of Agriculture, Commerce, Ecology, Health, Natural Resources, and Transportation (covered agencies) to complete environmental justice assessments when considering significant agency actions and to incorporate environmental justice principles into agency budget and fiscal processes.

Much more involved, read the bill analysis here:

And then call and email your legislator, and those on the House Energy and Environment Committee!

Legislative Members

Member               Phone

Fitzgibbon, Joe (D) Chair (564) 888-2362

Duerr, Davina (D) Vice Chair (425) 318-1303

Dye, Mary (R) Ranking Minority Member (564) 888-2380

Klicker, Mark (R) Assistant Ranking Minority Member (360) 786-7836

Abbarno, Peter (R) (360) 786-7896

Berry, Liz (D) (206) 709-5260

Boehnke, Matt (R) (509) 315-2315

Fey, Jake (D) (206) 653-9974

Goehner, Keith (R) (360) 786-7954

Harris-Talley, Kirsten (D) (206) 971-1222

Ramel, Alex (D) (360) 786-7970

Shewmake, Sharon (D) (360) 746-6939

Slatter, Vandana (D) (425) 458-7240

March 22, 2021