Limiting Government Intrusion into Property Rights

Forbes points out government's intrusion into agriculture, property rights, and functional commerce is a problem constantly looking for a solution. This thoughtful article raises questions regarding this over-reach but causes one to question where does the responsibility lie in the enforcing of respect for the rule of law and the constitutional rights Americans enjoy? The individual, courts, or congress? It seems most important advances in the preservation of property rights have begun with individuals and have been decided with the help of fine legal organizations in court. It can be assumed then that the most important defender of property rights would be the individual American Citizen. Is it not true that our constitutional rights were designed for the protection of the individual and to be guarded by the individual? Not every citizen wants to or is able to provide court with a case to defend property rights, but we should all be thankful to those who do so. The Forbes article asks will the courts or congress solve the problem that was brought to attention by an individual citizen. But we must ask ourselves will we solve the problems we face and all pay for eventually by holding both the courts and congress responsible to adhere to the constitution and abolish all that does not. CAPR is an organization driven by individuals who are passionate about protecting, preserving, and restoring property rights. We ask that all citizens think about that important mission and in considering the Forbes article and its excellent links to court decision and amicus brief, ask what you can do to further this mission. Could you attend meetings and volunteer time or could you contribute to this cause with a contribution to the CAPR Legal Fund? Benjamin Franklin said it best, "We must, indeed, all hang together, or most assuredly we shall all hang separately." -In the Continental Congress just before signing the Declaration of Independence, 1776. For the Forbes article, "The Federal Raisin Ripoff -- Will The Court Or Congress Revoke This License To Steal?"

November 12, 2014