Open Letter to Representative Wilcox in Consideration of Representative Shea

April 24, 2019

Dear Minority Leader JT Wilcox,

The board of Citizens’ Alliance for Property Rights  wishes to convey to you our ardent and unequivocal support of Representative Matt Shea.

The Olympian reports “ Washington Democrats have called for the expulsion of GOP state Rep. Matt Shea from his caucus and other sanctions after a report that he allegedly participated in a group chat that discussed spying on and attacking political enemies.”

Citizens’ Alliance for Property Rights is calling for exactly the opposite, and requesting Representative Shea not only should retain his positions in caucus and should not receive any sanctions, but rather should be upheld, supported, and formally applauded by his fellow republicans in the state legislature.  We request republican leadership remain strong and united in safeguarding the choice made by district voters in electing Representative Shea, and in preserving for all citizens Representative Shea’s admirable service to our rights as protected by our state and federal constitutions.

Citizens’ Alliance for Property Rights has determined Representative Shea will be a recipient of our Legislator or the Year Award this Saturday April 27, at our annual conference and banquet.  The board deliberates carefully the virtues and service given by a legislator when determining a choice for this yearly award.  Representative Shea has been chosen for his open and caring policy toward all citizens of Washington State, his willingness to take up the causes and concerns of citizens with quick, timely, and effective response, his deeply held fidelity to our constitution, and his fortitude to legally defend those rights.

We ask you uphold the will of the citizens of Representative Shea’s district, and that you consider the opinion of the board of the Citizens’ Alliance for Property Rights in ensuring we all may continue to benefit from representative Shea’s excellent service to the citizens of this state.


Cindy Alia

Citizens’ Alliance for Property Rights.

April 25, 2019