For too many years, the people of Skagit County have wrongfully had their water rights stolen from them.  CAPR worked hard through the CAPR Skagit County chapter to right the wrongs by educating people about how this Phony Water Crisis came about, and helping Richard Fox and his family in legal battles to restore his water rights.  This battle was fought by the Fox Family on behalf of thousands of people in Skagit who had their water rights interrupted or stolen.

Now there is an opportunity to right the wrongs that have been done to the Fox Family and many hundreds of other families in Skagit County.

Representatives Taylor and Blake, along with other good legislators  have sponsored a bill in Olympia to Stop this Phony Water Crisis!  The bill is HB 2937 Ensuring water is available to support development in water resource inventory areas 3 and 4 through implementation of the 1996 memorandum of agreement.  This bill will reset water rights in Skagit County by refering back to an agreement that was not included in Ecology's Rule-making in these WRIAs In Stream Flow Rules, which began the crisis that left so many without water rights.

Please call your legislators 1 800 562 6000 and tell them if you want to see this bill heard in the legislature and passed!  YOU can help to Stop the Phony Water Crisis!  


January 27, 2018