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This blog post contains a series of links to articles written on the topic of Climate Change.  We hope this will be of interest to those seeking facts on the topic.

The CAPR Conference Banquet Key Note Speaker was Marc Morano, former Communications Director for the Senate Environment & Public Works Committee and senior aide, speechwriter, and climate researcher for Senator James Inhofe (R-OK), is the executive editor and chief correspondent for, a pioneering climate and eco-news center.  His informative and entertaining presentation had the attention of all as he explained the history and effects of global climate change campaigns throughout the years.  We are grateful for the support of CAPR that enabled us to feature Mr. Morano, and his presentation which was enjoyed by all!

The Climate Depot news effort,  begun in April 2009, is a special project of the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT) and is the most comprehensive information center on climate news and the related issues of environment and energy., spearheaded by Morano, serves as an information clearinghouse and one stop shopping for reporters, policymakers, students, scientists and concerned citizens to get the latest information on global warming and other key environmental and energy issues. The news center is a special project of CFACT, a Washington, D.C.-based public policy organization that has been working since 1985 to infuse the environmental debate with a balanced perspective, and to promote market-based and safe technological solutions to various public-interest concerns.

The CAPR Conference Key Note Speaker was Steve Goreham, PE., MBA and Executive Director of Climate Science Coalition. An informative and engaging speaker, he delivered a compelling and provocative programs to our conference attendees.  He is an effective communicator in the board room, lecture hall, and in the debate panel regarding the environment, sustainable development, economic trends, energy, climate change, and corporate environmental policy.  Executive Director of Climate Science Coalition, an independent, non-political association of scientists, engineers, and energy experts, focused on informing citizens about the realities of climate science and energy economics.  

Complimenting and rounding out the conference program was the local expertise of these fine speakers and topics Climate Change and Carbon Taxation, Dr. Don Easterbrook, Professor Emeritus of Geology; The Disconnect Between CO2 and World Sea Level Trends, Thomas Wysmuller, Meteorologist, founding member of the NASA TRCS Climate Group; Is Water Scarcity in Washington Caused by Climate Change, Overuse, or Overzealous Regulators? Glen Smith, Washington State Ground Water Association; Washington State Energy Climate: Pursuing Energy Poverty?  Dave Boleneus, Eastern Washington Wheat Grower, MS Geology; Washington State Legal Climate: Judicial Overreach? Joel Ard, Esq.  All those attending were very pleased with the presenters!

Please feel free to use and share this list of articles about Climate Change facts and fictions.  The list is being actively populated as good articles are found or published.



April 12, 2019