US Inventor Rallies on 9/16/21 A Decade of Stolen Dreams

 US Inventor ( has a shared interest with CAPR as they are working to restore the property rights of inventors.  US Inventor will have an event on 9/16/21 in six cities across the US in front of the US Patent office and their regional offices.  There is a video on the website home page of US Inventor ( about the issue and the event.  

You may remember the CAPR webinar looking into Intellectual Property Rights with Josh Malone, a personable inventor, innovative Dad, and Policy Director for US Inventor as he told us the story of his fight to claim his IP Rights for his fun invention with the US Patent Office.  Josh learned much about the American Dream and the realities of the US Patent system and we were enlightened by his telling of his experience.  You can review that webinar at this link to hear Josh relate to us his story and experience.  

US Inventor will continue fighting to restore the rights of inventors and innovative small businesses as they work to reform patent law at their 9/16/21 rallies,

"American Invents Act A Decade of Stolen Dreams" in six cities, Event locations: Alexandria, VA • Burlington, VT • Dallas, TX • Denver, CO • Detroit, MI • San Jose, CA

Scroll through the US Inventors webpage to see the event details as well as stories of other inventors and see why this is an individual liberties and property rights organization worthy of admiration and support!


August 31, 2021