Washington Ranchers Defend Property Rights

The Cattlemen's Association is correct in saying the removal of sheep from privately held land is not a solution to wolves killing sheep. “Preventing the legitimate use of private land to meet political goals is always unacceptable,” A misunderstanding of the role of the legislature and the rule of law has led Corporate Environmentalists Center for Biological Diversity and seven other conservation groups to file an appeal to Washington Gov. Jay Inslee to block efforts to kill wolves from the pack. In their blind desire for diversity, they fail to recognize that a hands off approach to environmentalism is exactly what does threaten that diversity. There must be thoughtful credit given to the benefits of grazing in preventing wildfire that harms all species. Hancock Timber must be aware of that benefit or would not have private grazing contracts on their lands. Wolves that have been introduced must be managed. The lack of information sharing and a lax approach to that management is likely to have caused the problem of wolves killing livestock. It is hard to conceive information between Tribes and WDFW could not have been shared considering the constant contact that is seen in almost every aspect of rule making and proposed law that these two groups involve themselves in. If wolves are a priority then the accurate tracking and management of wolves should also receive priority. The responsibility to share requested information would serve ranchers, livestock, and wolves well. Read the information provided in this Capital Press Article: http://www.capitalpress.com/Washington/20140829/ranchers-argue-against-moving-flock-off-grazing-lands#.VAIFpqPp-So

August 30, 2014