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Response to Hirst Ruling

Our mission is to maintain respect for our constitutionally guaranteed civil liberties on property, and to achieve restoration where already damaged, mainly by over-regulation at all levels of government. To this end, we are working for a system of rules on property that is reasonable, clear, without conflicts among regulations, and actually accomplishes their necessary legitimate public purposes, including reasonable levels of protection of resources and environmental quality, including genuine fish habitat. 

Proposed Interim Ordinance in Response to “Hirst Ruling”; Agenda Bill 2016 – 309 A

On behalf of our member households and businesses, I am submitting this testimony on the draft ordinance, which will replace the emergency moratorium ordinance passed October 25 2016. We are a county wide public interest group affiliated with the larger regional CAPR organization, with many county based chapters and hundreds of members in our state and California. 

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