National Heritage Area Opposed in Colorado.

Canyons and Plains National Heritage Area.  Colorado's private property owners are aware of the threats to Property Rights and State Sovereignty as are citizens in Washington State who oppose the Mountains to Sound Greenway National Heritage Area.  "Colorado - What if you discovered there was an organization working to undermine your private property rights, subvert your local sovereignty and compromise the sanctity and integrity of your locally elected officials through the imposition of a National Heritage Area (NHA) in the region where you live? What if your local jurisdictions financed this organization for many years through block grants and lodging taxes?

Banning Extraction of Mineral Rights could be a Takings with Consequences

Boulder County could be liable for $1 billion in petro


"If the seizure of private property rights in Colorado is codified through the local-control ballot initiatives, all property rights throughout the state are under attack," Michelle Smith, president of NARO-Rockies, said in a statement. NARO-Rockies represents more than 600,000 mineral rights owners in Colorado. Boulder County governments could owe royalty owners $1 billion or more if they ban natural gas and oil development in the Wattenberg field, according to a report Thursday from the National Association of Royalty Owners.

Logging to Proceed in Jefferson County Despite Corporate Environmentalists

Logging to proceed in Jefferson County, despite Corporate Environmentalists attempt to halt project. The claim was that the logging threatened Marbled Murrelet. Funny, because in this second article, environmentalists claim the endangered Taylors Checkerspot butterfly was at risk due to habitat loss, part of that habitat was cleared forests...

Water Rights Deal Challenged

Two holders of senior water rights want to tell a state growth board that the Kittitas County government’s water banking plans will harm their rights to use and sell their water. The county’s settlement agreement with the Kittitas County Conservation Coalition, the statewide Futurewise and Upper County’s Ridge group involves changing county rural land-use rules to better protect the rural nature of lands outside of local cities from housing sprawl.

Rails to Trails Sham...

Six years ago, King County and Port of Seattle officials gathered in front of the Wilburton railroad trestle in Bellevue to announce what they said was a historic purchase. They were buying a rail corridor along the Eastside from BNSF Railway to convert it to “the granddaddy of all trails,” as then King County Executive Ron Sims called it. They also hoped to run commuter trains on the tracks someday. Officials for the two local governments fist-bumped on that May 2008 day as the sale papers were signed. The deal cost taxpayers $81 million.

Open Letter to the DOE from CAPR Spokane RE: Comments Re. DOE-Preliminary Draft Rule for Spokane River Instream Flow Rule

Spokane Chapter of CAPR-Citizens’ Alliance for Property Rights May 30, 2014 Department of Ecology Bellingham Field Office Attn: Ann Wessel 1440 10th Street, Suite 102 Bellingham, WA 98225-7028 RE: Comments Re. DOE-Preliminary Draft Rule for Spokane River Instream Flow Rule May 30, 2014

The Spokane Chapter of CAPR (Citizens’ Alliance for Property Rights) wishes to again thank your Spokane DOE employees for presenting at our March 27th meeting concerning the not yet released Spokane River Instream Flow Rule. Our chapter would like to take this opportunity to ask questions and add comments into the permanent record.


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