Wahkiakum County Property Owners Face Shoreline Ordinances

Having successfully fought of a planned National Heritage Area, Property Owners now want direct input to these processes of Shoreline and Land Use Ordinances.     As Wahkiakum County moves into updating its shoreline and land use ordinances, one may be certain there will be vigorous public input. Two members of the Wahkiakum County Real Property Rights Advisory Board questioned the county board of commissioners Tuesday about plans and processes. County commissioners formed the committee three years ago when a group of citizens objected to including the county in a proposed national heritage area. The board is charged with advising the board of commissioners on issues affecting property in the county, and so far, it has had little opportunity.

The Cost of Banning Mineral Rights Production

Should at some point those who wish to ban, delay, or over-regulate the development of resources be held financially accountable? Laws and regulations that prohibit production are the fashion of the year, an interest with exaggerated zeal created by fear tactics and often unsubstantiated concerns over the environment. Those who wish to ban or cause banning should consider the losses.  These things you fear are also the things you need and use.

Corporate Environmentalists Gather for Extremist Agenda

While it is mind boggling to read the wildlife agendas of these combined Corporate Environmentalists, the one idea garnered for this event seems to be a kind of Environmentalist Anarchy that dismisses the needs of the public and private individuals. This type of thinking would have the terrible consequence of loss of rights to property owners, further lack of local legislative control, and additional harm to those Americans who labor to provide food to those of us who need their products.  Loss of mandated use of resources, and loss of access for the public.

Citizens Work at Liberty for Liberty!

Helpers at Liberty mineSunday, June 22, 2014 10:00 AM LIBERTY, WA ~~ Near a small mining town ironically named Liberty in Washington State, liberty was served and demonstrated this Sunday morning as over 50 people collected to defend the rights of a neighbor. Their arms of defense were wheel barrows, picks, shovels, digging bars and at the end, sore backs.


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