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CAPR Pandemic, Property Rights, and Freedom Webinar Series, Part 8

Join CAPR on July16, an 7:00 PM as we ask questions of these candidates!

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Discussion Topic will include:

What structural changes are needed in these offices to make them more efficient, serve citizens better?

Budget shortages are on the horizon, how can you, if elected, achieve better results with less money in these respective offices?

What are impacts to insurance policies on issues related to the effects of the pandemic and rioting and property damage that has occurred in our state?

What can be done to protect and restore property rights in these offices?

CAPR Pandemic, Property Rights, and Freedom Webinar Series, Part 7 Featuring Attorney General Candidates

This is one of our most important elected offices, learn more about the three candidates for State Attorney General!

Click on this to view the recording of the webinar

Our mission to inform about elected officials is part of our goal to educate the public about elected offices, and those who are candidates,  thank you Matt Larkin, Brett Rogers, and Mike Vaska for your frank discussion!

Candidates for Governor Forum, June 18, 2020

If you missed the livestream for this candidate forum, you can view the recording of it here:

We can count on event moderators Vincent Buys and Eileen Sobjack along with MC Charlie Crabtree to ask the questions of the candidates we would like to hear as they keep the discussion lively so we may get to know the candidates and their positions on issues and enjoy the debate!

With current events happening so quickly it will be very interesting to hear what the candidates have to offer as solutions to the burgeoning problems and issues we in Washington are sure to face! 


CAPR Pandemic, Property Rights, and Freedom Webinar Series, Part 5

Dr. Quay's timely, informative, and helpful book "Your COVID-19 Survival Manual" is available at this link on his website:

We thank Dr. Steven Quay for sharing his expertise with CAPR in this timely discussion!  View this webinar at this link:

Don't miss Dr. Quay's blog posts on current medical information!

Purchasing this book will help you navigate COVID-19, and provide you with clear, understandable information for your all around health!

CAPR Pandemic, Property Rights, and Freedom Webinar Series, Part 3

If you missed this Webinar, Representative Jesse Young will provided frank discussion on the topics of the day!

You can view the webinar here:





CAPR Pandemic, Property Rights and Freedom Webinar Series Part 2 Featuring State Treasurer Duane Davidson

Thank you for joining CAPR on Zoom for the second in this informative series!
If you missed the webinar, you can view it at this link:

Duane Davidson was elected as Washington’s 23rd State Treasurer in 2016. Prior to that, Duane was elected to four terms as Benton County Treasurer, serving from 2003 – 2014.  He is an actively licensed certified public accountant (CPA).



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